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Unsearchable threads: incorrect names

Am I correct to assume that alternative names are now allowed in thread titles? I know not too long ago it was a rule to have the correct names.

Many recent threads do not use correct names and are therefore unsearchable by title. It seems odd that moderators do not correct this as they often remind us to use the search function.

I am pretty sure this isn't just that moderators are missing these threads as some popular threads are left alone. Some recent examples are 'B-Nard Vs Rogi' and 'Federer outsmarts Dangerdenko', both of which had over 150 replies. Some threads even use nicknames where some posters don't know who it is (e.g. 'Cilic has more GS wins than Legenda!').

If all these threads have simply been missed by moderators then I apologise. If it has been decided not change these thread titles then that's OK but please let me know.

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