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I'm leaving for the Mets game soon. And it might be the last Baseball game I go to!

I'm looking forward to going to the New York Mets - Cincinati Reds Baseball game tonight at Shea Stadium in New York! I sure hope Ken Griffey Jr. plays tonight. I've never seen him play in person before. It would be a pleasure to watch one of the all time greats play!

I wonder what Allie thinks of Griffey a couple years after he demanded to be traded from Seattle? I know she's a huge Mariners fan. But she's probably down on Griffey. As I think she is on Alex Rodriguez, too. It's amazing how the Mariners have kept winning even after Griffey, Rodriguez and Randy Johnson all left Seattle within a couple years of each other!

But if the Baseball players go on strike in September and wipe out the playoffs and World Series, I'll never go back! Even if I'm offered a free ticket! And my Sister gave me a ticket for tonights game as a reward for helping her on Wednseday night when her car broke down on the Northern State Parkway.

I haven't been to a Baseball game this season. So I'm looking forward to tonights game. But if the players go on strike this year, and blow off the Playoffs and World Series, as they did in 1994, then I'll go on strike too, and never go back to another Major League Baseball game! Even if I'm offered a free ticket!

Now I said the same thing after the work stoppages in 1982 and 1994, but I went back anyway. But not this time! No way! Does anyone else feel the same way I do? I know there are alot of Baseball fans at both ATP World and WTA World. And I wanted to find out there opinions on this subject.

Any and all opinions will be appreciated!

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