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Re: THE Country Celebration Thread

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Yes he did, and got no response from anyone. Of course there was no such rule in the competition because it was against forum rules. AJ made it up...

The age thing, I'm don't know what to tell you. He's clearly clever and has moments in which he shows much wiser years, but I think he was speaking the truth. I don't think he would want to be taken out of the competition. He backed his claim up even after he was suspended.

AJ probably thought it was all trolling, because some Mods don't trust any user on this damn board. I don't think they would even trust me. If I start posting crap and trolling tomorrow, they'd kick me out without even blinking, despite the live rankings.

What do you think Mae? Dylan may have overreacted, but he was provoked, and considering he is a kid, he got mad pretty easily. I know I would if I were 14 again. Of course he was wrong to do so even if there were no results, but Mods should try moderating instead of cutting off problems, listen to the users, understand them. It's easier for them to cut off, delete threads, etc, but... I don't know... You see my point?
That's just it when someone not only lies, but comes right out and say they have lied I don't know what to believe about his age When we were doing PMs before all the trolling and the contest when Dylan was being Dylan I thought his age was at least late teens.


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