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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
I don't think so. Even though he's #1 at the moment, don't think he can exert much of an influence, don't think even someone like Federer could change things single-handedly, and could probably just damage himself and/or make the tournament look bad. Remember that place wasn't some anti-drug panel, it was just a regular post-match interview, and they almost ignored the match.
Look at how much publicity his nothing-comments about doping have received. Can you even imagine how big a story it would have been if he'd come out and said "testing is 20 years out of date, the system's a joke, it needs to change"?

The guy has massive influence.

Originally Posted by janko05 View Post
But, he's been straightforward about the huge gap in blood testing. Is it his job to conduct those tests and find possible culprits? And don't give me that crap about conspiracy or they don't know how to do it. If there is such a widespread notion about doping in tennis they'd know how to isolate the suspects and not by the means of testing or such.There are professionals who know how to conduct a probe, involve informers, create a network...
There is an overriding perception by the general public that tennis is a clean sport. The problem is that we don't know because the testing is so bad.

If it is going to change, it needs top players bringing attention to how pathetic the system is. That doesn't just mean Djokovic, but he was the one who the question was put to in this instance. He had the opportunity to make a difference.

Originally Posted by Alex999 View Post
uh, oh, you assume. what a silly post. because you assume we are supposed to believe that Nole, Fed and Nadal or whoever are doping. Maybe they've worked hard to get where they are. Let's assume that Borg and JMac were doping too ? sorry for my sarcasm but Armstrong is a proven doper/cheater. use some logic before you post.
Modern tennis is a highly competitive and increasingly physical sport, where the athletes have big injury problems, and there is massive amounts of money at stake. There are also pretty much zero effective doping controls. From what we have seen in other sports with stronger controls it is natural to assume that people are taking performance enhancing drugs, probably on a large scale. There is no reason to think that the top players would be exempt from that.

If you are assuming that doping is practically nonexistent on the tour (as the ATP/ITF would have you believe) then really, you are the silly one.
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