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Davydenko bitter

Translated using Google

Russian Nikolay Davydenko said his defeat in the second round match of the Australian Open Swiss Roger Federer.
"In the beginning of the match, Roger did not try to act aggressively, trying to hold the ball in play. Therefore, we were draws. Basically Federer was hoping for something that will always take will be counted on his serve. And he succeeded: he gave the first ball, so the chance to tie the fight, I was not particularly. On the giving of course, I struggled, but Roger with the second ball I could always succumbing.

Bouncing here this year is very fast - sometimes I do not even have time to play, when to receive Swiss got into the back of the line. In addition, as soon as I got on the center court, immediately felt how hot and humid today. I run a little more game and when the score was 2:2 realized that tired. But I still had the whole game to play.

Already at that time I did not know how I stand, because I had to keep moving around the court as Federer plays hard and fast. Of course, when you are well prepared physically and had a few matches on the center court, to play at this level is possible. But to do it in the second round, I am not ready. Yes, Federer is looking nice, but I can not say that it will take and pass all the Australian Open, defeating opponents in three sets. No, he will not get the chance. Other guys are gradually beaten the game and the Swiss, and the courts. I think Roger will continue to play like today, I allowed "- quoted Davydenko"
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