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Re: What I don't get about Rafa...

Originally Posted by theseth1119 View Post
Why is he playing in Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, but not Argentina? He might as well play all 4 of them and sweep them all, winning 1,250 points.
He is coming back after being out for several months and you expect him to play 4 consecutive weeks?
Good thing you are not a medical advisor/physio.

I don't really think Rafa cares about being #1,2,3 or 4 at the moment. He just wants to get healthy and be competitive again.

Originally Posted by Fed fordawin View Post
Acapulco is too hardcore for a vulture like him. It's Almagro's playground.
That's because el sombrero fits Nico much much better.

how can you hate the guy?

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