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Re: Courier: Olympics = 5th major!

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
the biggest issue is that winning isn't the most important goal, getting a medal is. The real fights were in the SF between Del Po/Federer and Del Po/Djokovic in the Bronze medal match, once you medal it doesn't really matter.

This is actually funnier than the desperate attempts to convince people that Rog didn't care about winning the gold medal.

Nowadays, the Olympics is obviously the next biggest win after the 4 slams. The players know it, anyone with a clue knows it, the only people that don't are the 'experts' that think a lower status historically means that it must have a low status today... like people on this forum that claim a masters title is bigger, etc. As someone has already suggested, look at what the Australian Open used to be perceived as... yet I'm sure when Novak won his first slam we didn't have people suggesting that it was a Mickey Mouse win and he still had everything to prove. Though actually, on this forum I wouldn't be surprised if there were such suggestions.

Rafa was devastated that he couldn't go for gold again, Novak went off and took a saw to his rackets after losing, Roger is desperate to play in Rio when he's 34......... but they don't care about the Olympics, of course not!
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