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Originally Posted by Deathless Mortal View Post
The sooner he goes the better.

I know, I was joking about Pinto. I doubt anyone there would be stupid enough to make Pinto #1.
I'd be delighted with bringing Guaita, and also wouldn't mind Courtois at all. Why do you think that transfer is unrealistic?
Yeah, well I'm in between. I don't think he is THAT awful like some suggest, but the reason he got all the Zamora trophys is because Barça plays with 70% + ball possession every match and they still have Puyol/Pique behind. Let's take the match against Chelsea last year, Barça had like 45 shots in 2 matches while Chelsea only had 5 or 6 and still they scored 3 times out of it.

Pinto should leave as well and stick to producing hiphop/rnb songs
At least Guaita is Spanish, you are going to be able to play a ball back to him without him ramming it forward like a lunatic and he's relatively young so that would be an excellent pick. Courtois doesn't speak Spanish/Catalan, is not great at build up play and he has a longtime contract at Chelsea (One of the few clubs who actually doesn't need money from transfers). Plus I do think that in 1 or 2 years time he is going to be #1 instead of Cech over there.

Originally Posted by Trollicki View Post
Only found out quite recently about Ter Stegen myself, looks like a fine young goalkeeper. It´s becoming more and more obvious by the day that the next decade of football will belong to Spain and Germany.
Yeah, I believe he also won Bundesliga GK of the year last year. He is still young, his technique is decent and he has catlike reflexes. 8-12 million should be enough to get him to Camp Nou.

And I agree with that, Germany has a bright future ahead indeed with the healthy clubs/sponsors and attendance numbers.

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