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Re: Courier: Olympics = 5th major!

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
What I mean is that it was like a crappy Wimbledon. By being held on the Wimbledon courts in the summer it had the illusion of being like a small Wimbledon, and since Murray was guaranteed to win it was like having a British Wimbledon champion. Normally, the OG is held in a country with no tennis history on a court nobody cares about, but this was almost like a warm up to Murray actually winning something important. Of course, Murray-tards took the bait hook, line, and sinker, and now think the OG is equal to a slam and Murray had the best 2012 compared to the YE #1, the man who crushed Murray in a slam final and made 3/4 finals and 4/4 SF Djokovic and the GOAT who regained #1, crushed Murray at the Wimbledon that mattered, and broke every important record left to him

Fakervic may be a clown, but at least he doesn't need to make up accomplishments and pretend to be in the same league as the top players. I'll give you credit for supporting a real player.
Who is saying it is as good as the slams? No one.

5th slam just means it is the next best thing, which it is. You just have to lol at these Fedtards and Djokotards trying to play down the importance of the olympics.


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