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Re: Courier: Olympics = 5th major!

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
I don't think there's a single Murraytard, including Murray himself who would not trade the OG win and Wimbledon loss for the reverse. The OG last year was probably the most important it will ever be because it was a warm up for Wimbledon, but that's all it will ever be, a slam warmup and inconvenience in the schedule every 4 years.

If Federer hadn't won silver in 2012 or gold in 2008 I wouldn't care, just like I don't care that he hasn't won Abu Dhabi, the Challenger tour finals, and other meaningless events with about as much history as the Olympics. I also don't care that he hasn't won Davis cup the same reason Murray shouldn't care, it's not an individual event (neither is the Olympics btw) and has very little to do with how good you are as a player. Winning the Olympics is like winning the Davis Cup, it's mostly down to luck and surface choice.
It was after Wimbledon.
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