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Re: 33 combined slams vs 1 - does Murray have the right to be in a "big four"?

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
And why would that show Murray is competitive with Nadal? To play all of the matches on his best turf and Nadal's worst and still end up as a pigeon? To completely eliminate one of the three surfaces where Nadal just happens to excel?

Fact is, it's 13-5, most of the matches were played on Murray's best surface and Rafa's worst, Nadal is ahead on clay, grass, hardcourt and in big games. Murray is his bitch and is in no way competitive.
Nadal has a significant advantage in the match-up, no doubt. But to say Murray "is in no way competitive" is demonstrably untrue. To be in no way competitive, Murray would have to lose every match in straight sets, whereas in fact, he has won several (big) matches, and troubled the scoreboard considerably in several he has lost. You are exaggerating to the point of absurdity. Compared to the vast majority of players on the tour, Murray has a respectable record against Nadal, a good record against Djoker, and a superb record against Federer, plus, rather more importantly - & I know how hard it is for a Nadulltard to look beyond H2Hs - he is much closer to the No. 2 than the No. 5 in terms of ranking points, big titles, and consistency in slams.

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