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Re: Djozniacki...doomsday prepping?

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
I don't think it would've been possible, he really needed those 2k points to get there, only in case Nole got injured or something. Dunno, in 2009 Del Potro won a slam but still was #5, while both Nole and Andy were higher and without a slam, I don't remember anyone saying then he's real #2
It was just an hypothetical scenario.

Del potro doesn't have a fraction of the haters Roger does so he goes under the radar.

Basically what GSM said:
Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
But it would be nice to see how everyone reacted, especially after Federer got all the hate that he did for being #1 last year, even though he had a slam, but pisspoor results in the other slams compared to Djoker. And how every Federer fan defended him that rankings don't lie.

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