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Re: DOMbetting system, +20.78% YIELD

Had a bet on Harrison/Ebden today partly because odds dropped from 1.95 to 1.65 and suffered a very cruel loss.
Yeah ive noticed the same as philosophicalarf, all the bookies that I use have limited me either completely or I get a very small stake and have to always manually request the bigger stake, some bad bookies always refuse my good odds request, then drop the odds and only then allow me to bet with worse odds. I often feel like im working for the bookies, warning them about which odds contain value and I get nothing from it. Every time I bet they drop the odds either before or after my bet, its hard enough to make good money with betting but to every time having to worry about getting your stake through is so annoying.

Its funny really, I can make any odd drop that I touch, have I been labeled as super dangerous or why do all the odds drop only when I bet on them.
Right now I just dropped expekt odd from 1.50 to 1.45 and ladbrokes 1.50 to 1.45, my small stakes seem to define the whole worlds markets.

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