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Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Not that this will happen, but if it did. Wow, would be so strange. Because he clearly is the best player out there to me.

But it would be nice to see how everyone reacted, especially after Federer got all the hate that he did for being #1 last year, even though he had a slam, but pisspoor results in the other slams compared to Djoker. And how every Federer fan defended him that rankings don't lie.

So, watch Federer fans defend Djokovic and Djokovic fans attack him if this happens. Looking forward to it.
You are wrong.

Fed actually won a slam and became #1, but djokotards bitched that Nole had won more slams (till the USO) or he was the better player (after the USO loss) etc. Etc.

If djokovic loses this one (which I honestly don't think he will, but still) my trolling will be unbearable.

8th day of July 2012: 7-time Wimbledon champion!

Once upon a time there was a myth about strong and weak eras. On this glorious day the clownery was eventually unmasked: 30 y.o. past-prime daddy Fed became #1 once again in the supposed strong "Spartan" era with his rivals at their peak.
And they all lived happily ever after.
Long live King Federer!

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