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Originally Posted by Punky View Post
any reason for that? i cant believe it from Choice, who wants to be Lonely or away from his family?
in here if u dont live at the same city as ur familt, that is being far from them.

most of my family live in jerusalem or within a few miles Radius.

if u love Company, people atc atc..this is the perfect place for u and i guess thats why its hard for a love of ppl to live this country.

Take me for example, i know when is my neighbor has a Birthday, if one of her kisa is gwtting married (all the The neighborhood is invited), when she walk her dog, when her hubby is fixing his car atc atc..

My parents wedding was 1200 people and that after a lot of fight bc they didnt invite a lot of ppl...not a lot of room for everyone..
I don't know how it started. Perhaps the colder climate does that to people? Then again, the northernes have it colder than anyone else, so not a likely explanation.

I don't know any of my neighbour's birthdays, even though I'm quite good at remembering dates. Noone ever told me. Nor I them. I know how many kids they have, gender and approximate age, but that's it - don't even have names for all of them. I do know when the neighbour across the road will walk her dog, though, since it often coincides with me going to work. When my sister got married there were 20 people in her wedding, only close family and best friends of both. And that's the only wedding I've ever been invited to. No, wait, I was invited also to my father's cousin's wedding, but couldn't go for health reasons.
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