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Re: Soderking Chat Thread vol.1

that was a good interview. Nice to see Enqvist around too. Robin looks alright but if he's still not able to train 100% for comeback after 16 months I think it's time to pull the plug soon.

2013 is the final year. If he can't make a comeback he should stop torturing himself and go for a civilian career. Ancic studied to lawyer when mono began to derail his tennis career. That's still what gives me most faith about Robin. He seems to put all focus on comeback and hasn't started another career. It might be stupid but it shows he's still deadly serious about a real comeback, but yeah like everyone else I'm doubting if he'd ever get healthy enough again.

Things the body can't heal in 16 months why would 20 or 25 months or even 30 months make any difference? Mono is a virus. It's never gonna be cured. If he can't play with the virus and if there is no medicine that can suppress the sympthoms (like chronic fatigue) I'm afraid it's game over.

Ancic had already done at least 2 comebacks by this time and Soderling hasn't even managed one. Sure we can say he's careful and all but it's nearing a time when it doesn't matter anymore. I think it's time to put it on the line. No middle ground doing 1-2 practices a week but to really go for it and if it doesn't hold then it doesn't hold. Waiting another 6 months, another 12 months? Where is that gonna get him? He needs to test his wings now and if they don't hold then it's time to hang up the racket.
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