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Re: Short Guga Story

Originally Posted by R.Federer View Post
Hi all. Long time. I moved to Washington DC and work at the IMF, so not much time on hand. I have a good Guga story though. I was never a GREAT fan, but always a casual fan. Now, after this incident, I am a Great fan

Some point in December, I was waiting for my lunch date to show up. In the meanwhile I saw the executive director for Brazil at the IMF, a man known as Noguera Batista also waiting for someone. So, nothing better to do, knowing him a little bit from some other meetings, I small talk for no reason, I say “have a good holiday Mr Batista, are you going away somewhere, where in Brazil do you go when you are on leave?”. He said “ I am indeed going, and I go to a small place in the south called Florianopolis. Ever heard of it?”. I paused only for a second and said, “yes. Guga” (remmebering how Guga would always bring it in to his interviews). He said you know I am guga’s father in law right? I said WHAT?!!!!! He said yes, my daughter has been married to him for a while and here are some pictures, as he whips out his iphone and brings out pictures of him, her, guga, the child, etc.

So I promptly went up to my office, printed out two large color pictures of guga winning RG, and gave it to him to get them autographed to me. He brought them in today. I am framing them for my office!

Just wanted to share.
Lucky You!!!!

And thanks for sharing.
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