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Re: Christophe Rochus wants doping to be made legal

It's a depressing thought, and my instinct is to rage against doping legalisation. However, increasingly it feels as if the war against doping is being lost on the technical/logistical front - the drugs are not the miracle undetectables of myth, they're simply plain old EPO/HGH/testosterone, the same as 20 years ago. The problem is it's now well-known how to leave yourself clean to testing in a matter of hours - the "glow time", as the cyclists put it. Nothing short of mammoth, very intrusive numbers of tests can do anything against this (the approach cycling is indeed now using). Unless the science advances to pick up new markers for epo/hgh over a matter of days at least, it seems there isn't any other approach. As above though, not new drugs - it might just not be possible.

Alternatively, the war is being lost because the governing bodies have simply given up (see tennis).
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