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Why are FedFans losing faith in Roger Federer? (tough draw comments etc..)

You all know I'm not the biggest fan of fed/his fans, but this isn't a troll, just something that has crossed my mind recently that I would like some answers from...

Roger Federer is the Greatest Of All Time, love him, or hate him, I think you have to respect him. His game is beautiful to watch, and I enjoy watching him at times, even though I wouldn't go out of my way to watch him. I don't think any one would wish retirement on him yet, unless they are really bitter. Fed is great for Tennis.

Now, one thing I find really amazing about Roger, is the fact that even at the age of 31 he is doing amazingly well. In 2012 he won a Slam, 3 masters and 4 other level titles. This is a great hall for a 31 year old, and proves how good he still is... However, as most of you are aware the Australian Open Draw was made last Friday, and numerous fed fans have complained at how tough Federer's (who has just won his first round match) draw is.... This complaining and moaning by Federer fans has really thrown me off, and kind of baffled me. I just don't get it. Sure, the draw might be tough on paper, but remember the guy you support is the GOAT, the word 'tough' probably does not exist in his vocabulary. I mean, perhaps if Murray or even Nadal had a draw like this, I could see those fans being a little worried, because both, and especially Murray some times go out of said tougher draws even though they should win. However, this is not Murray or Nadal, this is Roger Federer, and I really don't know why Federer fans are worried about his draw? He made easy work of Paire today, and as long as he is not hurt he can beat every one in his draw with ease up until the Semi Final. He is 4 times AO Champ and obviously comfortable there...

So I'm wondering FedFans, are you starting to lose faith in Roger, if so why? There's nothing to be worried about just yet imo, he's still World Number 2 and performing fantastically.....

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