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Re: Christophe Rochus wants doping to be made legal

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
i must say you have a point but....what will happened when the truth will come out? if its true and top players are doping i think its just a matter of time until it will be out.

I expect him to make the difficult but right choice, to say, theres doping and i wont accept it not now not ever - not for all the money in the world.

i do I expect roger to tell the ATP (if he really knows there are drugs) ban those players for a lifetimw or i will blow it, if he loves tennis he wont let any player win a title when he knows he is doping.
It will happen what happened with Armstrong. Something in the chain broke, someone didn't pay someone else, or screwed him in any other way, or didn't want to get blackmailed and the story goes out, one legend is taken to the ground and the sport suffers huge losses (which i don't know if it is the case with cycling. with them it's a bit of a reversed story, as the sport's been popular for being doped and they were actually fighting against it, and were brave enough to take down the icon).

It's a real world, not a movie indeed and dishonest people are all around. What would the drug dealer do if one if his clients tells the police? He'll deny and he'll carry on, while the guy who admits will be stripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars, tittles and respect. We're not talking about murders here.

There is one difference between the real world and the tennis world - the ones who will testify one day will be the biggest losers as they will be the only ones with a proven crime.

What will happen if Borg in 10 years writes a book how at the time they were taking doping? He will sell many books, he will get tons of law suits and the guys who have been giving him the dope at the time would be away from the sport for a long time.
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