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Re: Christophe Rochus wants doping to be made legal

Originally Posted by RNW View Post
But aren't there proves of the injuries/ health issues of all the players?
tell me what kind of illness you want to be certified with, send me a few thousand Euros and you have it in a couple weeks.

Should be much easier for top athletes. They have federations involved as a part of this, which have certified doctors, etc.

This wouldn't be the problem normally, the problem here is (in case these things really happen and i find it hard to believe they do not) the WADA (or whatever was the name of the anti doping agency) and ATP connection, which is inevitable if you want to keep such a thing in secret.

For WADA to do any favor to ATP they will need to get paid for it. If they get paid for it it means there is black money circulating around, which means that actually anything is possible inside this circle - bribes, directors, media, sponsors, labs, pharma, taxes, tournaments, TAs, less profit.... connect all these and from a respectable international non profit organization it becomes a 4th world country, where betting mafia and everything around the word mafia follows.

It's quite scary.
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