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Re: Christophe Rochus wants doping to be made legal

As far as I'm concerned, ATP now does a great job to avoid doping from tennis. Rafa Nadal said on an interview that as a tennis player you have to say each of the 365 days of the year where you will be (including when you're on holidays) and say a time where ATP can find you (in the indicated place). There are one or more doping controls each month (Nadal had at least two in December, in two consecutive days at 6:30 am, as it is a time that he knows that he'll be at home... good way to start the day but he offered a coffee to the ATP workers ). They take samples of urine, blood or both.

I think that this protocol is fine. But this is the teorical protocol, if we implement it on reality in the same way as it is described I think that there is no need to have doping problems. But if it is something that can make the ATP doping controls better, it is positive to use it. I think that we can't allow doping and that there have to be ways to fight against it.

EDIT: philosophicalarf gave me information about the average doping controls that are done each year, so I change my words, as I was only focused on the protocol (that I think that it is correct) but not in the times a year that doping controls are done (wich I thought that were more). So there is the philosophicalarf message: here and my answer: here

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