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Christophe Rochus wants doping to be made legal

A Belgian tennis player: "Doping is a reality. Why not legalize it? '
Reported by Imanol Corcostegui

It is rare to read as clearly expressed the doubts of a professional tennis player on the practice of doping in sport. Interviewed by Radio Twizz, Christophe Rochus, whose remarks were relayed by La Libre Belgique, is convinced that this is a reality:

"When I got in the top 100, I said in the media that it was boosted outrageous all these players and I received a threatening letter from the ATP Tour said:" This is the last time you mention that. You have no evidence, you have nothing. "Finally, all the players I mentioned have tested positive. They were all Argentines. '

Belgian wonders especially on sudden absences of some champions like Nadal or Soderling:

" Look Robin Söderling ... He won the tournament in Bastad in 2011 and since then it no longer plays tennis. It is supposedly seriously ill while I'm sure he was unbeatable at the time. We can not overlook the fact that it is very suspicious! It reached the highest level of his career and the day after, it says I can not play tennis ... Me, it seems incredible.

You say "Oh, that's weird." There is still a lot of suspicious things that happen and it seems that the best have nothing. Just like anywhere, there are always people you can buy! '
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