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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
or it could be your favourate was the 11th seed most of the time
I've have certainly rooted for the 11 seed on some occasions, but I can't remember anyone who's actually held on to that position for a long time.

The most annoying "11 expecience" was with Yevgeny Kafelnikov. He entered WTF ranked 9 and I was happy he at least managed to finish the year top-10. But what happens? Two reserves do better than him in the tournament and he goes down to 11. That was 1998. Short time after, he won the AO - but not as 11 seed, he was seeded 10.

Let's see if I'm just prejudiced. These are AO results from 11 seeds. R4 is of course the expected result:
2012: QF (Del Potro)
2011: R4 (Melzer)
2010: R4 (Gonzalez)
2009: R3 (Ferrer)
2008: R2 (Robredo)
2007: R2 (Baghdatis)
2006: R4 (Ferrer again)
2005: R4 (J Johansson)
2004: R3 (Henman)
2003: R2 (Srichaphan)
2002: R4 (Federer)
2001: R2 (Squillari)
2000: R4 (Henman)
1999: withdraw
1998: R3 (Corretja)
1997: R4 (Courier)
1996: R3 (Krajicek)
1995: R2 (Ferreira)
1994: QF (Forget)

I forgot DelPo last year Apart from that we have to go back to 1994 fo find an 11 seed doing better than expected. And there are a lot of R2 and R3 exits. No R1s, though, so Monaco is the worst 11 seed for a very long time.
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