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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
I am

Not in tennis tipping though, I'm out
Oops! Off to a good start then.

Originally Posted by Marto View Post
Just get up and wait for staying all night
I'd be a complete zombie if I did that tonight Marto. I've been awake since 5.30am as it is.

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
Yes there is haha
Good luck to you. Mind you, you can have a nap when Shriekapova's on. With the sound muted of course.

Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post

how are you woman?

Buona sera, Ann
Buona sera Javi.

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
Me neither. I'm off to bed now. All those able to stay awake, enjoy
Goodnight and sleep well Markus.

Originally Posted by Marto View Post
What will be today surprise?

I think Hewitt can beat Tipsi? What do you think?
It wouldn't completely surprise me. And of course he has the night crowd also to pump him up.

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
Ann i will found out one day that u left ur job as the Main broker in the 'city' for a quiet life in the country bc u totally know what im talking about.

to change things with in i will have to stay years and years and spend so much time with them, im not sure i can or want to do it, pretty messy and cold.

i love the term, its prefect 'house of cards'
Not quite. Used to teach little ones.
As I said earlier, I've seen enough to have understood a little of what you speak about Amber.

And you don't want to look back 20 years later wondering why you ever bothered when you could have been so much more productive in a more positive way elsewhere.

That's what these folk seem to predicate their lives on half the time without realising that it takes so little to change things. Remove one card and...

Real men have singlehanded backhands.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
nike could use this sentence:
dont need fed
Originally Posted by Sonja1989 View Post
Now I really don't know how to keep my eyes
Originally Posted by BlackeyeVuk View Post
My life is complete, seeing JayR somewhat annoyed and angry at Clutch. Giddy. Not that i hate anyone.

Just I can't fathom JayR to be spitie little rascal when it needs.
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