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Re: Will Ferrer win a slam this year?

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
If Ferrer had the connections that Murray has, he would have won the USO last year. The only reason his match vs. Djokovic was suspended while the Murray matches vs. Djokovic and Berdych were not is because the ATP wanted a Djokovic vs. Murray final and Murray as champion. He's probably a better wind player than Murray and would have easily defeated the choking Murray from the final.

Does this mean Ferrer is a future slam champion? Probably not, it's more accurate to say neither he nor Murray should be anywhere near a slam. But you can't say Murray is a future slam champion and say there's "no chance" for Ferrer with a straight face.
Yeah, well, the Ferrer-tard in me thinks the same... I was really gutted to see how well he was playing in the wind, but everyone seemed to act as if they hadn't noticed and it was simply impossible for anyone to play.

But anyway, without going as far as conspiracy theories, I do believe that he is often treated in a shameful manner by the officials, and the reason may be either that he's not well-known enough, or that he is too kind to make a fuss. They know any of the top guys would throw a tantrum in one way or another if they did that, but Ferrer won't, so they can do what they want.
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