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Re: Maria Sharapova defeats Australia Junior Boy's Champion

Originally Posted by paseo View Post
Man, these WTA tards who kept saying "misogynist", "misogynist" and "misogynist" are starting to get on my nerves.

Look, if you're really a tennis fan, male or female, I don't care, at least learn a little about tennis. get an understanding about the game. study it. THEN, you will know that it is NOT misogynist to say that Serena or Sharapova or whoever else the WTA has to offer, has very, very, very little chance to get to the ATP top 250. It is, in fact, a very solid and reasonable statement.

So much crying about how hard women can hit and how "mentally tough" women are lol. Anyone with a brain knows that it's the variety that would destroy any women against a top 500 player. Heavy topspin, slice, kick serves, drop shots with backspin, drop volleys, none of these exist on the women's "tennis" tour.

Let's look at some facts. There is only one woman on the entire WTA tour who can hit a kick serve, and her whole game is devoted to it. She hit top 10 and won a slam with basically that skill alone. Any man who can hit a real kick serve would easily hold serve against Shriekapova or any other woman. There is one woman, maybe two or three on rare occasion, who can hit 120 on serve and can hit aces. She is easily the #1 player and a GOAT candidate because women have poor returns. Every man on tour, including juniors, easily hits mid-120s and nowadays 130 is the norm. If you couldn't return a 120 out wide serve with ease on today's tour, you would not be near the top 1000. Finally, there are no female players who hit with consistent topspin on backhand and forehand, the last one I know of is Henin and she was also a GOAT candidate because of her variety. However, she was tiny and hit with a fraction of the pace of Serena and the other ballbashers at the top. Someone like Petzschner, who is outside the top 100 at the moment, would easily destroy Serena 6-0 6-0 with variety.

That's not to say there was a past "golden age" of women. Before the current generation, the players served and hit the ball at a fraction of the pace of the men, women sacrificed variety to hit it hard because they are fundamentally limited by their bodies.
To say this is sexism is like saying biology is sexism (which I wouldn't be surprised to hear from some WTA fans).
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