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Re: Going to show you mugs how it's done

Originally Posted by Wing Man Frank View Post
Call me a liar if you wish, but the reality is I started a thread with a title that would allow people to laugh at me were things to go wrong but I've come up with winning bets time after time.
a liar? whats your point or what are you trying to prove? because it sounds by how youre speaking that you see yourself as a magician of sorts, and as if there were no chance that you would be laughed at. maybe you should define your point better. however theres no better with a 100% success rate. in fact theres likely no better significantly higher than 4%roi in the major sports. if there were, with the limits that are out there and the amount of sites, hed probably have upper limits of maybe tens of millions per year in the biggest sports, less in tennis perhaps because of smaller limits. as well as with his genius easily able to branch out to other sports, hire assistants for the workhorse work and make a lot more. if you were any good (or even bad people likely realise it too) you would realise what a longshot you were to make 40x your bet, no matter if you were the best tennisbetter in the world.
if you were as good as you try to make yourself seem you likely would also not waste time making 100currency bets and bragging about your skills on a forum anonymously( in a nonconvincing way on top of that). you even seem to play almost only favourites. you created this thread for fun, most likely not placing any bets, for attention. theres been a lot of threads in this area in history.

Originally Posted by Wing Man Frank View Post

Will place another bet, perhaps two, with the full amount I've won so far. I'm unlike most in that I have no problem losing it all. I've had fun so far and all I will end up losing is 100 if the next bet goes wrong. If any of you try this, get as far as I have then can't go any further because of the amount of money at stake, let me assure you that you'll never make any money betting.
let me assure anyone that him saying that any person that runs 100 up to 5k and cant go any further cant make money in betting, is insane.
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