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Originally Posted by Naudio Spanlatine View Post
Yep thats why in this new lifestyle imma try out, i will eat in a 9-10 hr window and the rest of the 13-14 hrs in fasting. I didnt know i was actually doing this already. I discovered what it was through a youtube channel. She gave her subscribers the link to these twin guys. Their channel is called the fastingtwins. So i will do that and workout during my fasting hrs. Plus i have alot of workout videos. The ones i did already and did the most is Zuzka light's workouts. I love how effective and quick and intense they are. I really felt a real burn within 10-15 minutes. It was awesome.

I already started my eating window from 12pm-6pm today. Tomorrow i will start my eating window from 9am and end it at 4 or 5pm.
It's not how often you eat.It's what you eat and how is the food prepared.Also, you seem to bee hooked on youtube and fitness gurus.Remember nobody knows your body better than you.But, you seem to be young(18-19) and it seems you don't have too much experience in that area.I've been involved in different sports since I was kid and I've been studying nutrition since I was 16.So, it takes some time and experience.Everybody is different and you have to find out what's good for you.But, diet is very important.I don't think that fasting is an answer.Anyway, keep trying and keep training.
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