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Re: AO 2013 "Tennis Draw" Game

How To Play? The game starts with the AO MD. For each "match", you vote for the player you want which gets him 1 game. The match ends when a player wins the number of sets required for that match. And so on, till only one player is left. The game will culminate in a Mega-Showdown for the semifinal final where 1 vote will be 1 point(in proper grand slam format) to decide a final winner.
All strategies are welcome.

Length of each round : UPDATED
R1: (1 vote = 1 game) Just one set. Tiebreak will be treated as one game as well.
R2: (1 vote= 1 game) Just one set. No tiebreak. Minimum difference of two games required.
R3: (1 vote = 1 game) Best of 3 sets. No tiebreak. Minimum difference of two games required in all sets.
R4: Best of 5 sets. No tie breaks. 1 vote =1 game.
QF: Best of 5 sets. 1 vote =1 game. Tie breaks played out in all sets except the last(deciding) one. For the tiebreak, one vote=1 point.
SF: Best of 5 sets. 1 vote=1 point. Tie breaks in all except deciding set.
F: Best of 5 sets. 1 vote=1 point. Tie breaks in all except deciding set

SF and F will have normal ad-scoring(no deciding point like in doubles).

To avoid the long list of games, the early rounds will be broken into packs or groups of matches. Once a group is over, anyone can start the next group, which is the next x matches in the draw. Size of the groups will be 8 for R1 and R2; 4 for R3; 2 for R4 and QF, 1 for SF.

How often can you vote? Once in one hour. If you chose to vote in only some of the matches in the current group, then you can not vote on any match for the next hour. If there are no posts after you, you can have two consecutive posts, as long as they are at least an hour apart. The hour does not restart if a new group or round has started.

How is it different from PYW? Everybody posts livescores, which keeps all participants involved. The early rounds are meant to quick, which brings a lot of potential for upsets. And the later rounds(especially final) are meant to be long.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

These "rules" are not rigid and can be changed if participants want.

Lastly, my thanks to Featherer who played as much role(if not more) as me in deciding the format.

Best of luck, and happy voting.

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