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DOMbetting system, +20.78% YIELD

I want to present you a mathematical betting system. I've been successfully using this approach for 2 years and this system gave me 21% yield. Everyone who bet realizes how hard it is to make a stable profit in a long term. And this is what this system offers - stable profit. It doesn't have to be 20% at the beginnig but once You learn how to play smart You will get there
OK, lets cut the bullshit How does it work? The main idea is to watch odds movements of "sharp" bookies who rule the odds market like Pinnacle. When Pinnacle drops the odd this is only the matter of time when every other bookie will do the same. The whole trick is that you need to be quicker and place a "bet with value" before the odd is dropped. Simple
To do that you need to have a tool that will monitor the odds market for you - here is the link for it. The application is very simple - it detects Pinnacle odds drops and displays notification and play sound alert.
To understand better the valuebet system here is a preview of tennis match (good example of odds movements)

As you can see Pinnacle‘s closing odd was 1.4 when Betaway was offering 1.75 odd. Would you take a shot and bet this with @1.75 odd knowing that its real value is 1.45?
The biggest advantage of that system is that You don't need to have knowledge about the sport you bet on at all so you can bet on everything that has value
You can read more about the system here (click).

Hope it's only a beginning of a nice topic. I am open to any suggestions. Post any question, I will be glad to help and share my knowledge and experience

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