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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by duong View Post
here's what you said :

you blamed me for not reading and trying to understand your post, did you try to read and understand my one yourself ?

I had really made an effort to try to bring something new to the debate (maybe I was wrong but I had really tried, I can tell you, and still feel I may have brought something new) and all you could say was that I was redundant ?

If you had given any attention at what I wrote ( Where are the teenagers ? (Top 100 getting older and older) ) , you would have seen that I had agreed with you on the physical aspect but I had tried to talk of something different through "mental endurance" (which includes being tougher at working), solidity (I mentioned many young players who got injured) ... aspects that you had not talked about imo.

But no you just reacted "what you say is completely irrelevant, I'm not going to repeat myself, so I shall leave it at that"

As for the doping topic, you reacted with your usual reaction ( I saw that in your other posts) "this is a juvenile and ignorant nonsense". Didn't understand that either

I had tried to add something and you just left me there saying that there was nothing new in what I said, I was redundant, juvenile and ignorant

In my eyes, it's the definition of closing a discussion and not paying attention at all to the other one, treating him with contempt.

OF course I could have answered you with "what about mental endurance ?", etc ... but I didn't feel at all that you were opened to keeping on the conversation, besides I had already made a long post and reflexion to receive that reaction then I didn't feel encouraged in keeping on

PS : I'm sorry for you not being able to give me a red dot, you had given me a blue one when I had given you the link to for head-to-heads. Sorry I know that later on the red dot you can give me will not have the same taste
I've already told you this multiple times now: If it's irrelevant for a 30 year old, then it is irrelevant for a 24 year old. I've already explained why. As for "mental endurance", you may as well eradicate the "endurance" part and then go and read many sports journals based on the study of younger vs. older. You'll find that the general consensus is that it is very personality dependent and that the advantage in most psychological aspects is with youth.

Your accusations of me not paying attention are hypocritical, considering you introduced a subject that was indeed redundant (see above) and the fact I've had to repeat myself multiple times.

I don't give "red dots" and I don't really see the point in doing so. If you have something to say, and intend for it to be kept private, I'd advise you to send a private message as often people are unable to respond via rep for the reasons I've encountered.
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