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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I never answer to people who come in those threads to complain about their badreps or congratulate those who give them good reps (I saw in your posts that a constant from you was of accusing others of being childish : I'd rather think this attitude is childish, as if one needs some support somewhere rather than keeping it between individuals).

But I will make an exception for your case here : you think you can repeatedly openly despise people (I looked at the list of your posts and I saw that it's a current attitude from you) and you complain about a red dot, really ?

Give me a red dot as soon as you want, but I can tell you something : your attitude towards me yesterday offended/harmed me much much much more than any red dot. Except that when I read your other posts, I realized that it was a common attitude from you, which lowered the feeling. I'm not harmed by a red point which is purely a forum's game, but much much more by the words which people say.

I'm sure you will despise me even more now : do as you want, MTF is full of alpha-males at the moment who think they can afford everything.

As you feel important to give to the others the details of the origin of that (that's a surprising attitude from an alpha-male like you to feel like complaining to the others, aren't you so sure about yourself ?), I may add the comment which went together with the red dot :

As you say I'm hypocritical about "contempt", did you really feel contempt in that comment ?

I didn't know what else I could answer to such an enclosed and despising attitude. You closed the conversation, I had nothing else to do than to go out of it and regret it this "easy" way (and also because I felt bad/sad about what you said and your attitude : I'm not an alpha-male at all myself).

There was no contempt at all in that answer, rather feeling bad and not understanding and feeling like leaving a red dot before leaving as you had ordered me, as a kind of symbol.
I'm not complaining. This is an internet forum, and I can assure you I don't take it seriously. I'm definitely one of the few members here who enjoys lengthy and reasonable discussion about anything regarding tennis. Not once in any of my posts did I insult you. I stated that I did not want to go around in circles, repeating myself for you to then reply with the following: "But I see that you've decided to refuse any reading/listening to me and arguing anyway, which is a popular method at the moment, OK let it be." So for you to kick up a fuss over me getting personal with you was genuinely funny.

The primary reason for me posting in this thread, was to merely reveal your hypocrisy, because as I said, yet again, I was unable to return a rep to yourself.

I have no real issue with you. You are one of the few members of the forum who is willing to talk about tennis, and for that I will value the posts you make and give you time by reading quite a few of them when I skim past others. However, your ideas can be strange and the things you sometimes say can be strange. For example, the alpha-male thing, I mean, come on, what're you talking about?

All of my posts in that thread were constructive and based on solid reasoning, I don't except someone who has absolutely no expertise in the field of physiology to tell me otherwise. It's a shame that you got insulted, maybe your interpretation through the internet of my tone was misconstrued, because it certainly didn't mean any harm.

Take care
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