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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by Burrow View Post
Entertaining day on the forum. Duong calls me contemptuous and then gives me a bad rep. The definition of hypocrisy!
I never answer to people who come in those threads to complain about their badreps or congratulate those who give them good reps (I saw in your posts that a constant from you was of accusing others of being childish : I'd rather think this attitude is childish, as if one needs some support somewhere rather than keeping it between individuals).

But I will make an exception for your case here : you think you can repeatedly openly despise people (I looked at the list of your posts and I saw that it's a current attitude from you) and you complain about a red dot, really ?

Give me a red dot as soon as you want, but I can tell you something : your attitude towards me yesterday offended/harmed me much much much more than any red dot. Except that when I read your other posts, I realized that it was a common attitude from you, which lowered the feeling. I'm not harmed by a red point which is purely a forum's game, but much much more by the words which people say.

I'm sure you will despise me even more now : do as you want, MTF is full of alpha-males at the moment who think they can afford everything.

As you feel important to give to the others the details of the origin of that (that's a surprising attitude from an alpha-male like you to feel like complaining to the others, aren't you so sure about yourself after all ?), I may add the comment which went together with the red dot :

As you say I'm hypocritical about "contempt", did you really feel contempt in that comment ? really ?

I didn't know what else I could answer to such an enclosed and despising attitude. You closed the conversation, I had nothing else to do than to flee out of it and regret it this "easy" way (and also because I felt bad/sad about what you said and your attitude : I'm not an alpha-male at all myself).

There was no contempt at all in that answer, rather feeling bad and not understanding and feeling like leaving a red dot before leaving as you had ordered me. That's what red dots are for me : a kind of rather harmless substitute to the bad/sad personal feelings I could pour out everywhere but which I don't, by respect for the ones who are here and don't care at all about my person, they have much more important to care in their lives, we all have our problems.

Actually, I think that's what red dots were made for as a kind of substitute for public outpourings.

But then after that they also had to create those threads here to allow people to express their despair or congrats after those dots

Anyway, as far as you're concerned, I feel relieved to know that you have feelings as well, you're human, you're not just an alpha-male not caring about the others.

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