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Re: Grigor " The Great " in 2013 (General thread)

Originally Posted by swedes_rule View Post
Brisbane rules are stupid, there is a ban on flags. If you get caught with one it is confiscated. Apparently flags create too many riots or some rubbish. For robin I used to wear Swedish tshirts and Swedish hats cos those are allowed. I wonder if I can track down a Bulgarian flag for the Aussie open??

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That is a really stupid rule! Thank you for letting us know, in case we tried to bring flags to Brisbane. The nationalist conflicts are only caused by a few stupid and misguided kids from 2-3 countries, but that shouldn't mean that they can penalise everyone...

When you go to the court, seek out the Bulgarian fans and ask if they have an extra flag or scarf for you to wave. i was also thinking today that Vista Print has specials on personalised T-shirts. It should be easy to download the bulgarian flag and use that image for a T-shirt, as well as a picture of Grisho? But it may take time. I was wondering, how about coming up with a common slogan and making a few T-shirts, so we can look very specific, if we go to some tournaments together?

My last idea is to sing "Grisha style" instead of Gangham style after him winning a set. Or breaking to love. That may catch on..
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