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Re: Ask the board Thread

Originally Posted by mateusz2904 View Post
I think we should create some kind of a list of players who don't send picks in the proper format. Let's say that after appearing there for the second time there will some kind of a warning for a player, then a punishment (e.g. 2 weeks of disqualification). Of course we can't exaggerate - one spelling mistake shouldn't be treated that bad. It's still should be discussed by all players, maybe we should create some pool.

After what happened in Australian Open QR1 something must be done. We have to respect the people who spend their free time as managers. I don't think the list should be created to punish anybody. Look what happened - after many problems and requests all picks in QR2 where in correct format. If people know that they can't make these kind of mistakes, they will be more motivated.

So first - I suggest to create a pool if we should have this list or not. Then, if necessary, we should determine the rules.
This is definitely something that I think needs looking into before the next big 128 player event. Because we're getting more and more players which is fantastic, it means also some newbies who may not be aware of the importance of this and the hassle it can cause

Personally it's not a major thing to me if it happens in a general 32 player draw with less matches to pick - but this was a nightmare

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