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Re: The MMA thread - UFC, Pride, Strikeforce etc.

Originally Posted by pray-for-palestine-and-israel View Post
mma just doesnt have the drama and exitement of boxing

i know there is an art in the take down and ground and pound... but its boring as heck to watch on tv

thats why anderson silva is such a great mma fighter. his striking and his ability to maintain distance and in ring general ship- is second to none

but no mma fight is ever as exiting as watching a great boxing match
I hate to disagree, but have to!

IMO, is the other way around with MMA being way more exciting than boxing. Mixed martial arts involve, like it's name suggests, a combination of many disciplines including boxing were, precisely, the clash of styles between the fighters is what makes it SO much more unpredictable than boxing, were you will probably see half the upsets and the superior boxer will prevail most of the times (not always, I know there are many notable examples). The technique and strategies involved in MMA are extremely important, it's great to see fighters that have a base in very different martial arts trying to impose their will. Unfortunately, I agree in the sense that it could be getting a bit more boring with the inclusion of so many wrestling-based ones... for me, there's nothing better to see in MMA events than a wrestler being submitted by a jiu jitsu fighter or judoka. Awesome moments.

Great taste with the Spider, he's second to none IMO.
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