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Re: No teens in the top 250!

Originally Posted by duong View Post
no I had read your posts back and hadn't seen in your posts anything related to what I mentioned in my post about youngsters vs 24-28 year old guys.

You're contemptuous, which is a popular attitude in this forum at the moment (Lenders, Latso, now you), but which is a negation of the interest of a forum imo.

Anyway I give up, despise whoever you want if you like it.
I had already explained why those 30 years old, or older have in an advantage of attaining high VO2 max and Lactate threshold scores is irrelevant, so why would it be any different in regards to 24 year olds? Sometimes you are required to use your brain, instead of having information spoon fed.

And thank you, I'll keep what I think (and have thought for some time, reading your posts) of you to myself.
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