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Re: No teens in the top 250!

Originally Posted by duong View Post
he was 20, nearly 21, not a teen, I should not have used the word "more" (which in my mind means "after the 20th birthday).

But I see that you've decided to refuse any reading/listening to me and arguing anyway, which is a popular method at the moment, OK let it be.
Well if you had read my posts, you'd have seen that I was referring to anyone under the age of 21, as I had clearly stated.

I have covered every detail of your post in my initial posts, which are based on scientific evidence and educated analysis, unlike yours, so if you'd like to have a sensible discussion, I'd suggest you address my points instead of ignoring them and stating what really is guesswork and in regards to the doping comment, juvenile and ignorant nonsense.
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