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Re: Tweeting from ITF tournaments is forbidden now

Originally Posted by latso View Post
yeah, i didn't figure this strong argument. now it all makes sense.
I don't need to make a strong argument against your deranged rant. My post had nothing to do with being some nostalgiatard who longs for pre-internet times and smoking on planes

My point is that 90 per cent of real tennis fans are not gamblers. They might play the odd predicting game on a forum or for prizes, but that's a far cry from using a gambling site/bookie and real money.

Of the 10% of the tennis spectators who gamble, only 5% are tennis fans: the others are gambling fans. They will gamble on anything. They will place bets on two cockroaches racing each other if you give them the opportunity.

I see no reason for the ATP to pander to this small and harmful sliver of the tennis community. The only thing that gambling brings to tennis is fixed matches; there is no upside. I sincerely doubt that they are pouring significant cash into the sport. One or two tournaments can find another sponsor, or just close; tennis will not end if one or two small tournaments go under. If they survived rejecting dollars from cigarette companies, they can also reject this.

Yeah, rules change, but you don't have to sit idly by and accept all the changes. You can speak up and if enough people do, their position on the issue has to be taken into consideration.

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