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Re: Tweeting from ITF tournaments is forbidden now

Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
well slams they do charge money and the guy is right. if he pays for a sit he should have the freedom to use his mobile/ipad/latop as much as he wants to.
This is directed at ITF Circuit (Futures and Women's Circuit). Grand Slams are a different thing

Originally Posted by latso View Post
How is this harming the low end of tennis?
Neither journalists will come less nor more, nor tennis at futures level will become any more popular, nor less.

It's all just speculations, which have nothing to do with reality. No one is asking anyone to subscribe at bookies
You get all the data you need in livescore websites, which pay to the official livescorer of the ATP/ITF.

Family and friends don't even care if they can tweet live the results point by point or not, they are not doing it anyway, they come to watch their relative/friend.

I see no drama here, srsly, just digging deep to find one where it doesn't exist.
I take it you have never been to an ITF futures event or have any interest in following an ITF futures event.
You should try following one one week and /or attending one before you make opinions based on stuff you don't know.

There are 3 ITF Futures events ATM in the world. Just try to follow a Futures tournament and then give me your opinion.

You are far away from reality mate... and come out rather trollish

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