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Re: Challenge: Predict the Top 8 of 2013 [# stats]

Originally Posted by Pratik View Post
If Gasquet has been picked twice, how can he have only one point?
Hi Pratik,
well, that's weird.
Maybe I subconsciously aimed at provoking you mathematicians (you and Slasher),
or maybe because your Gasquet defeated my Davydenko in Doha and I was subconsciously pissed,
but I didn't do it consciously/intentionally, I swear.

Originally Posted by uxyzapenje View Post
I was banned until 26th of December. You can see my posting history if you think I'm lying. I came here on 27th after 1 month, couldn't have picked it earlier.
According to your posting history you did post on 26th december. So, yes, you are indeed lying (lol). (AbuDhabi started on 27th december.)

However, ban or not and lying or not are not the points anyway.
Although I'm the thread starter I really don't think I'm empowered of breaking the rules (or changing them during the contest), i.e. allowing late entries, thus virtually handicapping 60 people (as explained in the other post).
(Btw, there was also one other poster a little late, after you.)
Since many people participate in the contest I should treat things with some practical seriousness now, even if the whole thing is rather for fun actually.

What's the big deal with not being included in the contest part?
This thread is not only for the contest. You can also settle your predictions here just like that (in order to compare it later with what happened really, what you expected and what surprised you).

Yes, we know you're a Tipsarevic fan and probably you would have picked him anyway.
(What I accused you of earlier as well as what I said about Djokovic at AbuDhabi 2011 and so on was rather theoretically / a general issue.)
Moreover you've been just a little late, not much.
Hence you certainly won't go unnoticed if your predictions/picks turn out to be correct at the end of the season.


"Fed demolishing Dimitrov will be normal, boring, mundane. We have enough of it in our lives already.
We want something unusual, wonderful and unexpected, turning point, magic.
Hence everybody hyping Dimitrov. We want a fairy tale.
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