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Re: Tweeting from ITF tournaments is forbidden now

Originally Posted by FiBeR View Post
What you are failing to see is that this new rule is harming the most unprotected players of the tour, and benefiting only the ITF and federations.
All that a low ranked player's got to keep playing in the tour is sponsors help -unless they are wealthy-. How do you get sponsors? One of the ways is by promotion/popularity/prospect.

If you forbiddinng press from doing their job from the tournament, you are harming both journalism and players' as they get less exposure and therefore become even less popular

Journalism take the worst part, as they provide a service informing the results and updates scoreboards. There are a lot of result sites run by journalists who happen to provide this service and taking this away harm directly their identity.

Also, players follow many journalists that attend this tournaments to know how their friends are doing. Also, other journalists, sponsors and fans enjoy this. By killing this chance, you are forcing them to (probably) sign up to a betting site and pay for a service which can also be harmful for them --> as a player you are not adviced to have a betting site account. This could be harmful for them. Right? Also.. you re taking the human touch away...

We reached a dead-end here. What I want to point out is that this harms a lot of people who are part of the tennis community of every country: players, family, press, and so on. Taking this away is a big f*u to the bottom of the piramid of tennis.

It's not a "first world problem".. It is indeed a third world problem because we're dealing with the weakest links of the tennis chain. And this is a direct hit into the less glamorous part of the tour: those who desperate need every bit of help to survive ...
How is this harming the low end of tennis?
Neither journalists will come less nor more, nor tennis at futures level will become any more popular, nor less.

It's all just speculations, which have nothing to do with reality. No one is asking anyone to subscribe at bookies
You get all the data you need in livescore websites, which pay to the official livescorer of the ATP/ITF.

Family and friends don't even care if they can tweet live the results point by point or not, they are not doing it anyway, they come to watch their relative/friend.

I see no drama here, srsly, just digging deep to find one where it doesn't exist.
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