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The art of Trolling (Real Trolling, not MTF trolly-wannabe)


The art of trolling has been conisdered as something it isn't thanks to the new-little-kids troll-wannabes. But it's actually a great pleasure for people.
Trolling isn't exactly to piss off someone, as so many people think, it's to make laughs using your cleverness, your original style and ideas.

And it isn't exactly something you can do in the interet, there were big trolls in history when internet was just the dream of a fat nerd kid.

Let me present all of you to Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson:

You should respect Dr Wilson, because he made something BIG here.
Dr Wilson was a gynaecologist (great profession for a troll, don't you think?), he and his good friend Christian Spurling made a little toy-submarine and took a good pic of it.

That picture was one of the most famous pictures in history, it was published in the Daily Mail in April 1934, and all the world thought there was a big evidence of the Loch Ness Monster really exists.

That's right folks, these 2 big men took the infamous "Surgeon's photograph".

Now, you're probably thinking "Bloody bollocks, mate! Th'was amazeeng".

But that's not the only thing here, the picture was revealed fake in December 1975.

That's right, 40 years later.

Now, trolling in the XXI century is a really important thing of our lives, but some people, made this fine art a horrible thing, and they think they're actually "Trolling".

HELL NAO! That's like saying Justin Bieber is music, yeah, there are a lot of people who enjoy his "Thing", but no sir, that's not music and you fuckin know it.
It hurts, isn't it?

Okay, where was I?
Trolling in the XXI century.

Did you hear about the "Photoshop Troll"?

This guy knows his shit reaaaally well, you should totally check him out.

This guy offers a service of Photoshop in any pics you sent. A totally free service anyone could enjoy.
But that's not exactly what the guy does...

Another good trolling site is the one called "Help feed the troll".

You won't find stupid-trolly-crap here, just old-school trolls making it amazing.
Check them out!

Add your own trolling-stuff you find or do, and enjoy it!

And don't think of trolls as the stupid "U MAD BROUHHH?" shit.

I actually think Bernard Tomic will easily win career-year mixed doubles slam in 2020.

Jealous? Yeah, you are, you dirty hater.
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