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Re: Tweeting from ITF tournaments is forbidden now

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
from twitter

Raul de Kemmeter ‏@raulfiber "Any and all revenue generated from exploitation of Live Scoring Rights (...) shall be divided 20% to ITF and 80% to National Associations"

seems the idea of giving 80% to federations is fair enough, but are all federations trustable? i hope the supply spending is strictly supervised by ITF, so that it doesn't go to players demanding higher fees to participate in davis cup/fed cup as they hear of extra resources their federation got.

on another note, if no other match scoring is allowed, wouldn't it make it easier to do cheating of match in progress results by a livescorer?

one source is umpire's protocol and the other is good will of livescoring company (might switch points, depending on liability, which player is more backed) at least that's what i think, this could be some field for manipulation.
Thanks for quoting Nati

Regarding the 2nd part: I work side by side with the Umpires (I have started the Umpire course myself) and I can tell you it is really hard to manipulate a score. There can be typos when people write down in the sheets the scores, but every umpire on a chair must carry a scorecard and if you confuse yourself a certain amount of times during a year you get your permit to work revoked.

If the ITF is enforcing this rule and livescoring is to happen, then all ITF events must work with electronic scorecards so that they automatically transfer the data to the ITF site and/or the provider (e.g. betting site company that hires the service). Problem is ITF futures don't require chair umpires during the whole 8-day experience, and there are robin umpires in the first stages meaning one person controlling various courts (e.g. in Qualies).

It is a bit more complex than that... cos winning players themselves give out the score sometimes when they come back to the tournament office... and even though they announce it, mistakes can happen.

The current system isn't perfect and if they are going to sell out livescores, then some ajustments must be made which will also cost more money and will need more workers too.

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