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Project MTF Open

I came up with this idea a few years ago but didn't really think of the logistics of the situation. Essentially, I put forward the idea that if enough people got involved then MTF could run their own ITF futures tournament. The reason I decided to rehash this idea is because I think people may interested to know what is required to host a futures and then may go and make the idea a reality (wishful thinking, I know). If the idea were to take off then I guess a paypal account or something of that nature could be set up to get the money required to host said tournament. Anyway from what I can see this is what is required for a tournament in 2013:

Financial Requirements
  • Estimated required money - To Be Determined.
  • Pledged money so far - $US1050 (current up to post #3 in the thread and 6 yes votes on poll)

Important Date Information
  • Registration Dates - Application must be sent at least 17 weeks prior to the commencement of the first tournament.
  • Cancellation/Postponement Dates - Tournament cancellation/postponement must be made at least 9 weeks before the commencement of the first tournament.
  • Tournament Fact Sheet/Information Dates - Must be submitted at least 7 weeks prior to the commencement of the first tournament.
  • Staff Dates - Each tournament staff member's full names must be submitted to the ITF at least 8 weeks prior to commencement of the first tournament.

Tournament Information
  • Tournament Prizemoney - A minimum of $US30,000 must be provided (two consecutive $15k tournaments or three consecutive $10k tournaments).
  • Sanction fee - $US1000 for $10k future and $US1500 for a $15k future.
  • This list is incomplete and will be updated shortly.

Minimum Staff Requirements
  • Tournament Director - Designated by National Association of which country the tournament is held.
  • Tournament Administrator - Must be on-site at all times during tournament and a point of contact for the ITF. He/she is also required to speak English and must be ready to solve problems related to such matters as players, officials, media and spectators.
  • ITF Supervisor - 1 Gold or Silver badged supervisor required.
  • Chair Umpires - 2 White Badge Chair Umpires or 1 White Badge Chair Umpire and 1 Green Badge Chair Umpire ($10k future)/1 Gold, Silver or Bronze Chair Umpire and 2 White Badge Chair Umpires (15k future).
  • Line Umpires - None required for a 10k future and 1 line umpire is required for each main draw match for a 15k future. If the tournament is on clay no line umpire are required at any time.

Staff Costs
  • ITF Supervisor - $1100 fee required plus full hospitality (flights, hotel, local transportation and meals and any other expense needed) are required.

Reference: Here

I have also set up a poll to get an idea of how many people would be willing to donate $US10 towards the potential creation of this event.

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