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Re: The Lurkers Melting Pot - Sponsored by all our "rocking" Lurkers !

Originally Posted by Keech View Post
here's the link to the USO 2012 page, sorted by teams

and one to the main message page

they used to run it more often, last year it may only have been run four times at most, I can't remember
will check it later , thanks Keech !

Originally Posted by JayR View Post
I know you missed a bit off that sentence. Allow me. second place.

As if I would...*whistles innocently*...

The Kawooshistan Post office is always on time.

An extra pressie! Yay!

I've only ever played FT. Most likely there are folk around MTF who play or have played it I should imagine.

2nd ??
weird woman that Annwooshi !

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