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Re: No Teenagers in the Top 250 - Sad State of Affairs?

Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
He has the game, that's for sure. The question now is, can he take the big step and win something big this year or at least pull some upsets. I hope so.
not really the right age anyway, I mean he's 21, not your typical famous teenage breakout star I love Grigor but he doesn't fit that profile, even if he does win something big this year, 21 and up is expected for players to be in their best form

it is certainly not a good thing that the youngsters in the game either lack the charisma and confidence to excel or that the talent is just lacking. any sport wants as much depth as possible, and included in depth is variety of styles of play, ages, generations, and contrast. certainly would not tennis to turn into a sport where all of the top guys are veterans and there is no fresh blood. the fresh blood has been very weak the past few years and that is certainly concerning for the future of tennis. granted, people tend to forget better eras or levels of tennis when they are not right in front of their faces, BUT even so, it is seeming like it won't be as fun to be a tennis fan 5-10 years from now. and that is concerning because currently is not considered a particularly incredible era, it would be very sad to see tennis void of many great talents. granted the sport will exist no matter what, and persistent fans like myself won't go anywhere but it still would be a shame to see mediocre play everywhere. it's worrisome when you can't think of one play under 21 in practically the past whole season who played such a great match that it's really memorable

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