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Re: NOVAK DJOKOVIC will win the CYGS in 2013

Originally Posted by rocketassist View Post
I watched them play and they were terrific players, just Federer was way too good and the two guys with the weapons to beat him lacked the work ethic and dedication to the sport, even if they were insanely good at their best.

It's a real sad regret that Nalbandian and Haas didn't win one as well.
I am not Nalbandian had like 5 good matches in his career and Haas didnt deserve to win on given how mediocre to good he was

Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
A "good" player wouldn't beat peak Federer at a slam, destroy Sampras in his backyard, be #1 of the world, etc..despite having pretty much his career ended by the time he was 25 because of injury (not to mention all the time he was injured before that time).

Federer wasn't that good?? If he wasn't that good it was because Safin didn't let him. He only lost one match outside clay that year, and it was a 5-setter against Nalbandian. He was in a 27 match wining streak until that match and he didn't lose to a top 10 since god knows when. So he was definitely playing good.
yeah Safin was just good...........had few great matches but his career is nothing that special
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