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Re: The Lurkers Melting Pot - Sponsored by all our "rocking" Lurkers !

Originally Posted by Keech View Post
Kawooshi Clash

Only seven short of your goal in FTM today

Clash, just curious, how did Kawooshistan come into being? I know you and Ann founded it together, but how did you decide on "Kawooshi"-stan?

One for his nibs the High Nabob of Kawooshistan to answer.

Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
Been meaning to watch Elementary. Always get distracted while watching a series.. haven't watched an entire series of anything since Frasier five years ago.
Hey Sham.

Frasier! Up until season 7, that is. After that, the writers just made a complete pigs ear of it with all the Daphne/Niles/Mel crap, and I felt it just became another formulaic American comedy after that. Which pained me greatly, given the high standard of writing and performances of earlier seasons.

Real men have singlehanded backhands.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
nike could use this sentence:
dont need fed
Originally Posted by Sonja1989 View Post
Now I really don't know how to keep my eyes
Originally Posted by BlackeyeVuk View Post
My life is complete, seeing JayR somewhat annoyed and angry at Clutch. Giddy. Not that i hate anyone.

Just I can't fathom JayR to be spitie little rascal when it needs.
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